Tuesday, August 20, 2013

VST Tillers Quartely Report

Recently the quarterly results of VST Tillers had come out. Looking at the sales figures the company had done decent enough compared to the earlier quarters. 

  • Sales have increased by 6.3 % compared to previous quarter
  • The operating profit had increased by 25% compared to previous quarter
  • Net profit had increased by 21% compared to previous quarter
  • Recently the company paid a divided of Rs 9 upon a face value of 10.
  • The company is debt free
  • The market cap of the company is 357 crores with a projected sales of over 500 crores
  • India had a good monsoon this year,which might push up the farm merchandise sale[ this is an assumption]
Overall this looks like a good stock to hold for a few more quarters.

During the last friday crash  in stock markets i could notice this company held up in green. The volumes on this company are very low which might be the cause of staying in green.

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