Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Portfolio Update for H1 2013


I would not write a detailed post on the first half portfolio update.
Following is an outline set of numbers of my portfolio performance.

Overall my portfolio returns were -9.89% 

I lost most of my money in two stocks which i thought will turn out to be very good bets..in short term i lost money and  booked a loss. In longterm the story might be different.

As you see i lost money so I will try to get better with time.

Below are my top holdings as of now

Stock NameProfit/LossPortfolio Holding
VST Tillers2.10%24.04%
Allahabad Bank-25.16%16.79%
Cera Sanitary Ware20.58%26.44%
GOLD ETF2.60%32.74%
Total holding returns2.57%

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