Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fresh Additions

Recently i had added positions in some PSU banking stocks for long term. When i meant longterm it means atleast a span of 3 to 5 years. Following is the fresh positions i hold. The portfolio allocation might look a bit skewed since i bought one particular stock.But as time progresses i will be adding other stocks as well to make sure the portfolio is balanced.

Stock Name Portfolio Holding
VST Tillers 9.96%
Allahabad Bank 49.03%
Cera Sanitary Ware 10.96%
GOLD ETF 13.57%
Punjab National bank 10.76%

I do not understand the technicals of the market since a few days back showing the current account deficit and inflation as reasons markets crashed and it is not even one month after the crashed it hit a high today. So did something change in the way companies operate or fundamentals of economy ...I don't think so. Anyways i am not worried about the technicals of the market since i do not trade in futures n options and i don't trade every day. Waiting for next quarterly results to see if the stock selection is fine and also tracking specific stories 

Someone asked me a why i didn't consider a pharma company which crashed 30% recently.Well i am not convenient with companies in which regulator can have significant say. So even though i found good companies in the past i stayed away from them due to the risks the companies bring along.So pharma,NBFC are mostly out of my interest list most of the times.

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